Congratulations!  You have found Cutting Tool Express, the easiest, most efficient, and most inexpensive way to order cutting tools.  No expensive distributors - no exorbitant shipping charges.  Cutting Tool Express is simply the best way to purchase cutting tools.

To make your shopping as trouble free as possible, this help file will answer some common questions and give a brief explanation of how our ``shopping cart" works, in case you have never used one!

Purchasing from Cutting Tool Express is easy, but first your company will need an account.  Applying is easy to do - simply click HERE.

When you receive approval from our customer service representitives, you are ready to order.  Navigate to the PRODUCTS section.  Here you are presented with a list of current product catagories from which you may choose.   Select your product.

Help Diagram 1


Use the picture above to help explain the order form.  To order, simply enter the desired quantity of each item in the QUANTITY field, and then select the ADD TO CART button.  These items are placed in your shopping cart for processing later.  You may then CHECK OUT by choosing the appropriate link, or directly change the quantity of an item in your cart.  For example, if you added 20 endmills of one type, but really only wanted 15, simply enter ``15" in the form field, and press UPDATE CART.  Your cart is updated.  To delete an item, simply enter ``0" in the form field and update the cart.  You may also select EMPTY CART from this page as well.

When you checkout, an order form is printed for review, and you are prompted from a purchase order, account number, and your E-mail address.  All of these fields are required to process your order.  For subsequent orders, the Cart will remember your account number and E-Mail address.  If either of these change, simply write over them in the form fields and proceed.  They will be updated on your browser for your next order.

If you need to make changes to your order at this point, simply back up your browser and make the changes using the UPDATE CART button as explained above.

If all your information is correct, your order will be sent to our customer service representatives for processing, and a confirmation will be E-Mailed to you.

Congratulations! You just placed your first order!


Every attempt is made to ensure that the Cutting Tool Express site is compatible with as many platforms as possible.  However, if you should encounter a problem, we'd love to know about it so we can attempt to resolve it.  Please E-mail support@cavmicro.com and include details such as: Operating system, web browser and version number, what type of internet connection you have, firewall information if you are behind a firewall, your display resolution, color depth, and the details of the problem, including time/date of the incident.

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